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When your knee is unstable, a brace that will keep you from bending or twisting your knee will help. The kind of brace that can help you not to do this is? Hinged knee braces. These braces work by controlling your knee’s range of motion and are also designed to protect your knees Bauerfeind genutrain knee brace. You can control your knee’s range of motion with hinged knee braces because the brace’s settings are adjustable. You can adjust the settings to control how far you can extend your leg and how much you can flex your leg.

Your knee can become unstable from all of these different ligament injuries, tears and sprains.

ACL injuries, including complete or partial tears occur when you change direction rapidly, twist without moving your feet or slow down too fast. This type of sudden movement can cause the ACL to stretch or tear.

Common ligament injuries are an ACL injury, a PCL injury, or an MCL injury. These injuries can cause your knee to become unstable.

The MCL is usually injured when the outside of the knee joint is struck. This can make the outside of your knee buckle and cause the inside to widen. When the MCL is stretched too far, it may tear or get injured.

While the rigid strapping system and heavy-duty hinges keep your knee stable, these braces are also dynamic. These braces are called dynamic because they allow for some movement. The goal of hinged knee braces is to simply control movement while keeping the knee supported and stable. Hinged knee braces can be used if you have a knee injury or have just had surgery.

A PCL injury can occur from hyper-extending your knee or impact to the front of it. Direct impact from the outside of the knee joint can also cause a PCL injury. An example is playing football.

You may have problems twisting, pivoting, or turning. You may find it hard to walk down slopes and stairs. There are many types of problems that you could experience when you damage the ligaments in your knee. When your knee is unstable, you need a brace that offers a high level of support. Hinged knee braces are ideal when you have knee instability from injured ligaments.