Phoenix’s High Crime: How To Choose A Home Security System

For the past few years, Phoenix crime has been on the rise. Nice neighborhoods and surrounding suburbs that rarely saw any criminal activity are now seeing an increase in home burglaries, home invasions, murders, and property theft. This sudden spike of crime has a lot of Phoenix citizens considering installing home security systems.



When it comes to home protection, there are numerous types of systems to choose from. Phoenix has many companies that specialize in installing home security systems, so finding a local company won’t be hard. There are several factors to consider before buying and installing a system. A security system is not just a money investment, it is a safety investment as well, so installing the proper system is extremely important.

Basic Vs. Advanced


Security systems are wired to a central control unit located in the home. With a basic alarm system, if alarmed, the control panel will activate if a door or window is opened. The system will either make a loud sound that scares of the burglars, or sends a silent alarm to a company that monitors the system, and they will notify the proper authorities. Most companies have a monthly fee for monitoring home systems. It is possible to have just a system that makes a noise without dispatching police. These types of systems generally carry no monthly systems phoenix

Advanced systems do everything a basic system does and more. An advanced system typically comes with fire alarms, carbon monoxide detectors, motion sensors, and glass breaking detectors. Some advanced systems even allow the homeowner to control their home lighting and temperatures while away. Advanced systems typically have a monthly monitoring fee, and are great for people who are away a lot. Families prefer advanced systems because if a fire or carbon monoxide alarm goes off, emergency crews are dispatched immediately. Lives can be saved faster with an advanced system, and property damage can be lessened as well.

Finding The Perfect Company

When hiring a company to install a security systems Phoenix, homeowners needs to make sure they are professional and experts in what they are doing. Some companies handle both the install and the monitoring, while some just install and leave finding a monitoring company up to the homeowner. Generally, it is better for a person to go with a company that does both, but it is okay if they don’t. Homeowners need to make sure the installer is professional, legit, bonded, and an expert with the system they are installing.

The monitoring company should be researched as well. The homeowner needs to find a company that has great customer reviews. Consumer review sites are perfect for reading reviews on home monitoring companies. These type of sites can allow a person to read what current or past customers have to say about their service. A monitoring service needs to be fast in notifying proper authorities if an alarm goes off.

A home security system that is installed properly by a professional and is monitored to the highest standards will give any homeowner a great peace of mind.